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  • New Wear-it-on promo! Get your .MOBI & save $4!

    Logo dominios .mobiRemember the Walkman back in the 1980s? And didn’t you have the time of your life with your Discman during the 1990s? You were always on the move, weren’t you? If you still are join our WIO promo and get yourself a .MOBI at just $11,30.

    We know you’re always on the run and that’s why we’re launching today our exclusive WIO promo. We got something that’ll keep you moving all day long. Get Internet access everywhere. Check you bank account down the beach. Keep yourself updated with the latest information from the world’s major news companies. Get your iPhone, Blackberry, PDA, Tablet PC and cell phone out in the street and click your .MOBI domain name. Get the world at your fingertips. DotMobi is this and much more! It’s the world’s only extension to guarantee precise website contents for mobile devices. You know and we know that the experience of mobile website surfing is not even close to home surfing from our PC. DotMobi is the answer for an accurate fast on-screen display of information

    Here’s the deal - Get your .mobi now and you’ll save 4 dollars. Move the Internet as you walk and get your .mobi for just $11,30. Go ahead join the WIO and let us be your .mobi provider. All you have to do is Wear-It-On!

    25/02/2009 promotions

  • ¡Registre un .mobi por sólo 11,30$ y lléveselo puesto!

    Logo dominios .mobi¿Recuerda los Walkman de los años 80?, ¿y los momentos vividos con el Discman que se compró en los 90? Estábamos siempre en movimiento, ¿verdad? Y todavía lo estamos, por eso le invitamos a unirse a la campaña que lanzamos hoy en NicLine. Ahórrese 4 dólares y contrate un dominio .MOBI por sólo 11,30 dólares.

    Estamos siempre de aquí para allá, sin posibilidad muchas veces, de acceder a un ordenador de sobremesa. Sin embargo siempre llevamos con nosotros nuestra PDA, nuestro iPhone, Tablet PC, Blackberry o teléfono móvil. Necesitamos conexión a Internet sin cables, nos vamos a la playa y queremos saber si nuestro banco nos ha domiciliado ya la nómina. Por no hablar de que queremos estar informados las 24 horas al día, en todo momento y en cualquier lugar. El .mobi nos garantiza esto y mucho más pues es la única extensión del mundo que garantiza que sus contenidos están optimizados para dispositivos móviles, algo fundamental cuando navegamos desde nuestro móvil y no desde nuestro PC de sobremesa.

    Nuestra promo le permitirá esto y mucho más. Su mundo se mueve, saque Internet a la calle y muévase con nosotros por sólo 11,30$. No lo dude y únase hoy mismo a nuestra campaña Llévese puesto un .mobi.

    ¡Registre un .mobi por sólo 11,30$ y lléveselo puesto!

    25/02/2009 promotions

  • New NicLine Promo offers Free Tools & Price Discounts

    Free RSP tools and special discounts in .es and .net domain extensions

    Free tool and price discountBarely two months after our last successful promo NicLine is back again with a new bid due to begin next September 1st, 2008.  Signing up this time will gain you free uncensored access to our fully automated tools to run your own domain reselling business.  Also you´ll benefit from special discounts in domain extensions. For 45 straight calendar days NicLine RSP tools will be fully available for new clients and .es and .net domain extensions will be sold at very special prices. You only need to sign up, check our tools and start running your business.

    Starting September 1st and ending October 31st NicLine’s new promotional package offers a 45-day free access to NicLine automated tools - the RSP Control Panel, the Wholesaler’s Extranet, and the End User Extranet.  Dot net extensions will be out with a 20% price discount on the overall price and dot es extensions will be sold at just ¤4.79 - today’s market’s lowest.

    “This second promo for 2008 trails our successful first offer for the months of May and June.  We experienced such an unprecedented support we knew we would be coming back with new bids.  We hope this new campaign will satisfy everyone. New clients will have the opportunity of jumping into the domain reselling business for the first time and old customers will be able to benefit from amazing price discounts in dot es and dot net purchases.  We truly believe in domain reselling and that’s why we’re bringing this business close to everyone” said NicLine Domain Names Manager Frédérique Brunon.

    As it occurred in our last bid there’s no need to read between the lines in our promo.  Just an honest attempt to benefit everyone opening doors everywhere. You’ll find dot es extensions cheaper nowhere, dot net extensions will experience dramatic discounts and all NicLine tools will be available for free for a month and half if you just remember the date - September 1st, 2008. To get more inside information log on to our website.

    01/09/2008 NicLine, extensions, promotions

  • NicLine’s .eu and .mobi Free Domain Promotion runs out after just 5 days!

    The campaign by NicLine to the free online registration of 1,000 .eu and 1,000 .mobi domain names has already come to an end, and has become one of the most successful online engagement campaign this year. The promotion was intended to run throughout June, but ran out after just 5 days.

    Mid June NicLine announced exciting promotions for the month of June. The promotions included 2,000 free .eu and .mobi domains, and reduced prices on .es, .info and .be domains.

    “The success of this promotion out did our wildest expectations. The promotion ran out after just 5 days! We’d like to thank and welcome each and every one of our 2,000 new clients and hope to have a successful business relation with them. They now have a great opportunity to start growing as domain resellers and we are certain they’ll like our easy-to-use tools” said Frédérique Brunon, NicLine’s Domain Names Manager.

    NicLine’s June domain promotions are not over yet. We continue to slash our prices on three other domain extensions: the .es domain is available at just $7.48 and the .info and .be domains are offered at a 20% discount.
    The June Domain promotions are available up to 30th June, 2008.

    24/06/2008 extensions, promotions

  • NicLine offers June Domain Promotions

    RSP tool for free and domain names promotionsNicLine now offers exciting new promotions for the month of June. The promotions include 2,000 free .eu and .mobi domains, and reduced prices on .es, .info and .be domains.

    NicLine offers the first 1,000 .eu and 1,000 .mobi domains at no charge for one year. Apart from this Free Domain promotion, NicLine also slashes its prices on three other domain extensions: the .es domain is available at just $7.48 and the .info and .be domains are offered at a 20% discount.

    These June Domain promotions start today and will be available up to 30th June, 2008.

    “Our goal has always been to deliver competitive prices and quality services. This June’s promotional campaign shows our commitment to the domain reselling business. We truly believe there are thousands of potential clients in the domain reselling market and we’re reaching out to everyone by making things easier and more accessible”, said Frédérique Brunon, NicLine’s Manager.

    For more information on NicLine’s June Domain promotions, please visit

    12/06/2008 promotions

  • NicLine to repeat success of its 45-day free RSP Service Trial Period!

    Sign up with NicLine and try the Registry Service Provider - RSP tools for free.

    The promotion was first launched last year and proved so successful that it will be run for a second year. Signing up from May 5th will gain you full access to NicLine’s fully automated tools. Availability of our 45-day free Service Trial Period aims to entice users to start their own domain name registration business easily and without obligation.

    From today until 30th June, RSPs will be given full access to NicLine’s fully automated tools: The RSP Control Panel, the Wholesaler’s Extranet, and the End User Extranet. As NicLine current clients new signers will be able to use these tools in four different languages - English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The promo delivers all the ingredients to start up your own business today. Users just need to sign up through our website: to enjoy NicLine’s 45-day free RSP Service Trial Period.

    Becoming a Registry Service Provider - RSP has never been so easy, cost-effective and rewarding.

    05/05/2008 promotions

  • NicLine announces .mobi domains sale

    NicLine, an ICANN accredited registrar for domain name resellers, today announced the sale of .mobi domain names at industry low prices starting from $8.70 for the first year of registration.

    .mobi domains from $8.70 This promotional price starting from just $8.70 for the first year of registration is available to all resellers until December 27, 2007. The .mobi domain extension allows users to join the age of the mobile device, by registering the only extension that ensures access to contents and web services through their mobile devices.

    The .mobi domain is the first and unique Top Level Domain (TLD) created to navigate the Internet through mobile devices and is sponsored by a consortium of companies which includes the most prominent mobile and Internet players in the world.

    The .mobi domains have been popular ever since the domain’s creation in September 2006 and are revolutionizing the use of the Internet on mobile devices. To date, more than 700,000 domains have been registered.

    We believe the .mobi domain has great potential. With more than four mobile phones purchased for every personal computer that’s bought, there’s an enormous audience whose main access point to the Internet is a mobile device. The uniqueness of this domain is the innovative and mobile-friendly aspect that allows further mobility to the internet-users and provides the critical link between mobile operator, Internet services and end user. The .mobi domains allow users to access information no matter when, where or how they need it,” said Frédérique Brunon, NicLine’s Manager.

    08/11/2007 promotions

  • NicLine offers a 45-Day Free Trial Period of its Registry Service Provider Service

    Now with NicLine you can start your domain name business at no cost

    NicLine is offering new users to experience its Registry Service Provider (RSP) Service, a professional tool for domain name registration and management by giving away a 45 days free trial. Resellers who take advantage of this promotion will receive full access to the tool for 45 consecutive days free of charge and will have the opportunity to evaluate all its features, aimed at starting their own distribution business in a few simple steps.

    The promotion will be available until December 13, 2007. Upon the expiration of the Free Trial Period, users can opt for an annual contract of $99 or just leave with no commitment or penalty. Users who sign up during or after the free trial period will carryover everything created during their free trial.

    NicLine’s RSP service incorporates all the necessary tools allowing resellers to manage their clients through the RSP Control Panel, from which they can create sub-accounts. The tools can be completely personalized in appearance, price-per-domain and extension. Besides the options in registration, transfer, domain modifying, etc., resellers have a debit account for money transfers, paying invoices and control all transactions. Through the Wholesaler’s Extranet the resellers’ clients have direct access to all domain management operations, besides numerous additional functions for the management of large volumes of domains.

    For additional information on the Registry Service Provider Service or to participate in the 45-Day Free Trial Period, visit

    31/10/2007 NicLine, promotions

  • NicLine offers discounted .info domains from $0.99

    The domain registrar is now offering discounted .info.- no quantity limit.

    NicLine, ICANN accredited registrar for domain name resellers, announced today the availability of .info domain names at a promotional price starting as low as $0.99 per year. There is no limit to the number of .info domain names one can register.


    15/11/2006 extensions, promotions

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