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  • .tel domains available today

    Dot tel domains
    Telnic - the Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for .tel opened last February 3rd the Landrush stage for the .tel domain extension which opens today on NicLine.

    Starting today we introduce to all our customers and potential clients the .tel extension in its General Availability Stage.  This Telnic-managed new domain extension will allow individuals and businesses to store and manage their contact information – email, cell phone, fax, VOIP, web links directly onto the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website.  Registrations are opened to everyone through NicLine from $11.90.

    “The dot tel is a highly technological extension bringing to life the long lost possibility of gathering personal information throughout one single website.  We truly believe in the potential of this extension and this is why we decided to give it a go.  The dot tel is a new way of communication for the Internet community.  We hope old and new clients find it useful for their businesses”, said NicLine Deputy Manager Frédérique Brunon.

    This innovative tool for Internet communications opens a new door for NicLine.  Clients will now have the opportunity to make a real communications center out of their own website.  Dot tel General Availablity stage starts today for everyone.  Join us and get your .tel domain name now!

    25/03/2009 extensions

  • .cc and .tv extensions now available in NicLine

    Domain .tv -

    Opening March 2nd NicLine will be selling the .cc and .tv domain extensions from $28.63 and $33.69 each.

    Both are “top-level domain” extensions like .net or .com. The .tv extension stands for Tuvalu islands in the Pacific ocean while the .cc extension stands to Cocos islands in the Indic ocean. Both extensions are powered and operated by the world´s largest domain name registry – VeriSign.

    Though the .cc extension was originally assigned to the Cocos islands and the .tv extension to the Tuvalu islands the syntax of both extensions brings imagination and creativity to the Internet - .cc is used by “commercial companies” and “consulting companies” while .tv is broadly used by broadcast networks and multimedia companies.

    “If you wish to register a domain already taken now you can try .cc. It´s easy to remember and it´s one of today´s most preferred TLDs. As far as the .tv extension is concerned it opens a new realm of possibilities for new and former NicLine clients. From now on if your site is somehow tied to TV, radio, movies and videogame businesses you can let everyone know by getting your .tv domain name”, said NicLine Deputy Manager Frédérique Brunon.

    Touching ground in NicLine from now on you can visit our website if you wish to get more indepth information on .tv, .cc and other newsflashes.

    03/03/2009 extensions

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