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  • NicLine offers a 45-Day Free Trial Period of its Registry Service Provider Service

    Now with NicLine you can start your domain name business at no cost

    NicLine is offering new users to experience its Registry Service Provider (RSP) Service, a professional tool for domain name registration and management by giving away a 45 days free trial. Resellers who take advantage of this promotion will receive full access to the tool for 45 consecutive days free of charge and will have the opportunity to evaluate all its features, aimed at starting their own distribution business in a few simple steps.

    The promotion will be available until December 13, 2007. Upon the expiration of the Free Trial Period, users can opt for an annual contract of $99 or just leave with no commitment or penalty. Users who sign up during or after the free trial period will carryover everything created during their free trial.

    NicLine’s RSP service incorporates all the necessary tools allowing resellers to manage their clients through the RSP Control Panel, from which they can create sub-accounts. The tools can be completely personalized in appearance, price-per-domain and extension. Besides the options in registration, transfer, domain modifying, etc., resellers have a debit account for money transfers, paying invoices and control all transactions. Through the Wholesaler’s Extranet the resellers’ clients have direct access to all domain management operations, besides numerous additional functions for the management of large volumes of domains.

    For additional information on the Registry Service Provider Service or to participate in the 45-Day Free Trial Period, visit

    31/10/2007 NicLine, promotions

  • NicLine sponsors Congress

    First Congress to be held October 9, in Madrid (Spain)

    NicLine, an ICANN accredited registrar for domain name resellers, today announced that it will be sponsoring the first Congress, which will be held on October 9 in Madrid. The event offers a firmly established forum to allow people the opportunity to meet and hear from industry experts and will focus on helping domain market professionals in analyzing and exploring new business opportunities, especially in the spanish-speaking domain market.

    Some of the topics on the congress’ programme are insides into the spanish domain market, legal issues, monetisation strategies, business opportunities with .mobi, the future of the .es namespace, among others.

    NicLine is proud to be part of this effort and hopes it will be the first of many other congresses to promote and consolidate the spanish-speaking domain market.

    Additionally, some of NicLine’s partners will also be attending the event, sharing their experiences and giving people ideas about how to maximize their domains.

    05/10/2007 events

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