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  • NicLine offers IDN for .org

    From now on the extension .org also offers IDN.

    NicLine extends its offers to its clients with the extension .org, with a new option to use it as a multilingual domain, only for the Spanish alphabet, thus giving the registrars more flexibility.

    Additionally, NicLine already offers the domain extensions .com and .net with IDN characteristics, allowing the possibility to use the distinct characters available in the different alphabets around the word (for example the accents), offering more variety to customers, who were limited to the English alphabet.

    16/04/2007 NicLine, extensions

  • NicLine launches a new method of payment

    Now with NicLine you can pay through credit card: 4B and Paypal.

    With the new method of payment through credit card, NicLine intends to be easier, quicker and more accessible, according to the clients needs.Visa, Mastercard or Paypal, you choose

    Benefits of the this new facility include, a user-friendly control panel, where in just a couple of clicks your request will be executed; transaction is fast, payment will be available immediately and there are no added costs.

    NicLine, as one of the main registrars in Europe, always thrives to offer its customers the best services in the market. For this proposal, we are working together with Santander Central Hispano Bank and Paypal.

    16/04/2007 NicLine

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